• Who We Are

    Welcome! We are excited you are here. Our names are Taylor McGraw and Reece Cunningham. We used to be the Cunningham sisters but then Taylor married her wonderful husband, Noah. We are six years apart in age but most people can't guess who is older◡̈ We both graduated from a high school in Oklahoma. Taylor went on to cheer at Oklahoma Baptist University, where she was very successful in both athletics and academics. Reece graduated high school more recently, and she is now cheering at the University of Alabama and working towards her degree in fashion design. We both share a big love for fashion. Taylor is a big inspiration for Reece and one of the reasons she has such a passion for fashion. We will be sharing our favorite pieces with you all here on Maison Divisee!

  • The Brand

    Our name Maison Divisee means "House Divided" in French. It is perfect because we will have our clothing divided from Taylor's section and Reece's section. It will be divided, but with a unified style. Taylor's section will showcase her current favorite pieces. Her side will showcase a more mature style, while still remaining fun and trendy. Reece's side will showcase the younger styles. Targeted towards teenage and college girls but available to anyone and everyone. Although there will be the two different sections of the site, it is still meant to be fluid. Shop whichever side you are feeling that day :)

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to reach two different audiences with the same great taste in fashion. We want to make everyone feel their best in what they are wearing. There is power in a good outfit !